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Applying Roughcast to Your Property in Glasgow, Lanarkshire & Ayrshire

When exterior walls become cracked and damaged, water can seep through the gaps and into the property, causing lasting damage. At Forsyth Roofing & Roughcasting Ltd, in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayreshire, we carry out roughcasting, a form of external rendering that adds a layer of protection against the ingress of water. Using their vast experience, our team will advise on the best solution before completing work that is covered by a full guarantee.

Choosing the Right Technique

Although primarily used for aged and tired building walls, roughcast can be applied to properties both old and new. Suitable for any style of stonework building, the roughcast is created by mixing various different materials together, resulting in a long-lasting and hard-wearing surface. By tailoring the materials used in the mixture, we are able to make different types of roughcasting. The first is a smooth render, which is ideal for those looking to paint on the surface. The second is a rough render that adds small stones into the mix to create a decorative finish. The final type is a wet cast, which is designed to be added to a dry or wet finish. Our roofing specialists will assess your building to identify which roughcasting technique is needed.

Home With Roughcast Facade

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